Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Time , brings many things. Blood and Chrome , a time when many changes came so fast for the war. New ships , new worlds, new Blood. below are the new models , long over due but here. the Hugh Tinmen basestar stage2 , Deathfall class. the Orion class Osiris stealth ship. and the Ghost fleet, so many battles , fast strike in and out. along with them the release of 7 colonial fighters and 7 Tinmen fighters, and drop ships. you can contact me at ravenstarstudios@charter.net hope you like them.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Blood and Chrome Ghost Fleet , BSG and Big Bad TinMen.coming soon

Keep an eye out this coming week , i will have pics of the new additions. From BSG vid Blood and Chrome , the Ghost Fleet , which will have the Osiris, the Loki , the Catamaran, and a few others .Plus the updated tons of guns BSG and the hugh Tinmen Basestar. also and bunch of new fighters.so keep a look out... listing of Ghost Fleet ships. 2 Flat top repair ships 2 celestra supprt ships 2 Berzerk Gun ships Livery ship 2Valkyrie battkestar Osiris - Orion class 2 Loki heavy cruiser 2 Catamaran class columbia class Battlestar 2 Tylium fuel ship Defender litestar Eros troop carrier Hebe support ship gemini frieighter