Monday, May 10, 2010

Ok ready to show the frist ships to the Retro Ship line. Whats the Retro ship line? It is a line of ships from past 100 years or so. every thing from flying sausers, rockets , alien , living , all kinds of goodies. A very talented ship maker know as Velbor created the little jewels to start us out with. The Earther Federation and the Martian Warmachines. here are some pics and a list of models ready to go.

1.Velbor Dreadnought $12 each
2.Unicorn class cruiser 2 for $12
3.Lief Ericson class 2 $12
4.Mallard class heavy DD 2 for $12
5.Delta Wing DD 2 for $10
6.Seabird class 2 for $ 12
7.Bat class starship 3 for $12
8.Salvage ship 2 for $12
9.XL51A mk2 4 for $12
10..Darkstar class 4 for $12
11.PT boat1 6 for $12

1.Manta Ray Mother ship 2 for $12
2.Manta Ray Cruiser ship 3 for $10
3. Manta Ray Attach ships 5 for $10


Blogger mike said...

Nice ships, I've been waiting for them to be produced very since the announcement on SCN.

3:12 PM  
Blogger walnutwilly said...

I see that these ships are for sale. where do I need to go to buy them?

8:57 AM  

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