Monday, March 28, 2016

      I lot of people have been asking for a few months what has happen to the BSG line , and I am sorry i could not spill the beans. But i have sold the BSG line to Starfighter shipyards .It has been a great line , but i wanted to place my attention to my Ravenstar lines, Cold Navy, Newstar 1, landcore and Tinmen ( yes Tinmen is different and separate from BSG), retro  and our spacestation line.
Starfighter shipyards is a great company owned by Mel Kraley ( a great person in his own). He has grown is lines with fantastic models and has the best customers service.
I wish to thank everyone who have purchased our BSG models and hope you come back for my other models. contact info is below.

Please come back , we are adding to our lines over the next few months and coming out with more new product......Thanks every one....

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Forge Mobile Repair Station....

Thanks to Jim Klein for another great paint Job. The Forge class Mobile Repair station. He approached it with a different look than i expected and it came out great.

Also he sent a nice photo of the Ran Tug. Used to move any objects or ships that just cant make it to the station.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

McKinzie space station Painted.

Look What Jim Klain did with the New McKinzie DSS. fantastic paint. He also took the Raiden battlestation to a new level. If you are into Full Thrust or space base gaming check out his site.

Models available at

Sunday, October 18, 2015

30% 0ff end of the year sale this month.

Our biggest sale of the year has come early! From October 11 to October 31st, save 30% on all purchases.
That's Right, 30% off all purchases for the rest of October. Just use the discount code OCT30 to get your savings. www,
 now a quick look at the DSS McKinzie Station. Placed at some of the deepest Ranges of space , a home port , repair and defense station.  Can be used with any and all space base games and miniatures.  over 25 parts for you to build and set up as desired. 

Also we get a quick look at a Alien fleet. For a time we have been tracking over a dozen Horrid Fleets , 7 reports have been filed noting at extreme distances there seemed to be another fleet following the Horrids . Captain Sean Peaks, ship DS scout Sparrow was ordered to investigate, only image sent showed the following image. The Sparrow has not been seen since. more to follow. 
  NEW Xeno Fleet... code name ANTO. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

End of the Year Sale 30% off.

Our biggest sale of the year has come early! From October 11 to October 31st, save 30% on all purchases.
That's Right, 30% off all purchases for the rest of October. Just use the discount code OCT30 to get your savings. www,

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Horrid Fleet online

Hey the Horrid Fleet will be in the Ravenstar Stores tomorrow Oct 7th . so keep an eye , i know a lot of you have been waiting to use them to eat up some star systems. that time is hear.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Horrid Fleet addtion..

The Universe is never what you expect. As a child you look up and dream about being a captain of your own ship, traveling space hoping to meet other races and discovering the great riches that it offers. But reality is bitter and cold. You fight all your life to reach that place of command, you travel  across the space ways to only transport cargo instead of Kings and Queens, but still its a clean life , till one day you finally come across that unknown alien you always dreamed of , instead of riches and light , you discover insanity and Darkness.I am Captain James Harken of the Deep space Freighter Keen Sprite . This distress pod contains all data of it crew and our travels for the last 6 months. I hope this will be transmitted to the familys  of the 27 crewmen who well served this fine ship. But most important the attached file must be transmitted as soon as you are in range of any FedCom station or world. it is the last 12 hours of the Keen Sprite and crew. File Code  OXen.22212.
Thank you and may you space be clear......
           Keen Sprite DSF..sec.87/291... .

    Scan.. unknown ...OXen .001A..sec..87/287

Confirm , OXen..001A alters course , sec..87/291

Confirm,, long range scan , type unknown. no effect to ship.

KSDSF alters course...OXen..001A increase
 speed x f 10. KSDSF charges jump engines ,OXen arrives.

KSDSF attemps to jump. OXen expands hull, fires
a energy field
 Keen Sprite loses Jump ability.

     OXen..001A turns and transmits signal , unknown
     unable to decode. but soon we discover its reason.

    4.2 hours later 2 OXen ships arrive. we continue
     repairs and try to communicate.. but no response.

    9 hours from initial contact.3 more ships have arrived
      scanners are picking up smaller vessels leaving the
      larger ships , its seems we are to be boarded ,
      we are a unarmed crew and hope they are only wish
      contact and friendship. I am launching the Distress pod .
      may the universe be kind.