Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Hey everyone , just done with one Holiday and now into a new one , big time fun.
Well those of you who have been collecting Ravenstar models and minis know i started last year with a end of the year Free Give away model to say thanks for the support. I give these away with any purchase at the end of the year. Last year i made a model called The Wreck , a destoryed Battlestar , it was well liked. SO this year the new giveaway model is the Phantom Curiser from the Old space Ghost cartoon. I loved the ship when i was a kid and hope you like it too. Now to my surprise alot of people who have received thiers , did not know what it was ,( shows my age i guess) so here it is. hope to have one painted up soon.


Blogger John Bear Ross said...


Awesome model, sir.


4:53 PM  

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