Monday, June 25, 2012

Land Core . Horizon Transport for sale , plus other goodies

Land Core . Horizon Transport. Ok here is the Horizon Transport , Its price $25 . But if you purchase it between 6/25 to 6/29th , you can choose any 1 model from the landcore and get it free ( this does not include Horizon ). So buy a Horizon and get a silverback for free, or Stalker drone, ect. pretty good deal. if interested , email me at

free models to choose from. 1. Thunder Foot Mech - mk1$18- MK2 $18 -Mk 3 $22 2. Silverback assult mech $12 comes with , arm weapon, hand weapon, two shoulder weapons and sheild. 3. Stalker walker tank $16 A.(artillery) , or M ( Missle) 4. Kensky gav tank $15 5. convertable coyote gav jeep 2 for $10 comes with two figures 6. Fox walker tank MK1-Mk2-or Mk3 $16each 7. Blazer Gav APC $8 each 8. Ripper Drone walker $16 comes with 4 sets of weapons(8) and can be built in two diffrent totems. 9.Slasher Drone. $15. 4 weapons sets, Main body, torso 4 legs 10.Mage Grav sled . $8 each A. Fire Mage Drone scout B. Black Mage Drone ,laser C. White Mage Grave heavy scout , two human grave sled D. Green Mage Advance scout , two human grav sled. 11.Jackel -Muiltipurpose armored GV $6 each 12. Congo grav pick up ( with SRM and claw arm) $8 each 13 . Hard top Coyote 2 for $10.


Blogger benjamin_starkey said...

hmmmmm...that is a beauty! I will be in touch Friday after I look at finances.

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