Sunday, October 18, 2015

30% 0ff end of the year sale this month.

Our biggest sale of the year has come early! From October 11 to October 31st, save 30% on all purchases.
That's Right, 30% off all purchases for the rest of October. Just use the discount code OCT30 to get your savings. www,
 now a quick look at the DSS McKinzie Station. Placed at some of the deepest Ranges of space , a home port , repair and defense station.  Can be used with any and all space base games and miniatures.  over 25 parts for you to build and set up as desired. 

Also we get a quick look at a Alien fleet. For a time we have been tracking over a dozen Horrid Fleets , 7 reports have been filed noting at extreme distances there seemed to be another fleet following the Horrids . Captain Sean Peaks, ship DS scout Sparrow was ordered to investigate, only image sent showed the following image. The Sparrow has not been seen since. more to follow. 
  NEW Xeno Fleet... code name ANTO. 


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