Thursday, June 09, 2011

New Battlecarriers and TM Destoryers
A new set of releases for the Tinmen line, 1st a Colonial battlecarrier the Guardian , with heavy guns and even larger hanger bays , this ship is designed to carry Colonail Marines to the heart of the fight. built for fast massive launchs and retrivals , this ship can handel its own. next the Defender Gunstar , designed for toe to toe fights.
next comes every fleets watch dogs , destoryers , Tinmen destoryers , 4th area design. Harpy class , fast light and great at anity fighter screening. Syren , a EMC ship , can sneak in and take your planet by surprise.
Cyclone class , Med guns ,fast and carries a light fighter flight.
finally the Tempest class Destoryer , the work horse , lots of guns and 2 light fighter flight.
if you are interested , just drop me a line at and ask for price list for all my models and more photos. thanks
Guardian Battlestar 3.25 " L $12 each
Defender Gunstar 3.25 " L $10 each
1.TM: TM Basecarrier ( used for scale.)
2.TM: Harpy destoryer escort 2"Lx.50" H 2 for $12
3.TM: Syren EMC destroyer 2"Lx.75" H 2 for $12
4.TM: Cyclone destoryer 2"Lx.50 " H 2 for $12
5. TM: Tempest destoryer 2"Lx.75" H 2 for $12


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