Thursday, January 13, 2011

1/60th scale Vulcan MK1 Mech.T.A.M

Ready to Burn, I interduce the TAM- Vulcan MK1 Flammer and the Vulcan Mk2 Hammer in 1/60th scale.It stands 6inch tall with out the Missles , 8 inch with. The Vulcan MK1 comes with 34 standard parts ,the Vulcan Hammer comes with 24 standard parts.
The Vulcan Mk1 Flamer comes with the standard body , 2 heavy flamer Arms/guns, which can be built as long range cannons if desired. it also comes with a Long range missle system which mounts on the back. the fuel tanks for the flamers mount in the rear.As with all teh new TAM mechs , weapons are interchangeable. all will come with cock pit tubs , incase you desire to build a detailed interior. later on i will release detailed cockpits and figures.
the Vulcan Hammer has a standard body ,2 RAC , with armor plating ( not shown yet) which mount to th e sides of the gun. a heavy duel ammo drum set , whcih mount in the rear. Legs are poseable on both models. New weapons systems will be made for the Vulcan and Jaguar through out the year. Heavy AC units , muilty laser mounts, radar and sensor package, ect. if you are interested in either the Vulcan or Jaguar , email me for more pics and price information. big thanks


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