Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Walkers , metal Apes and Drones oh my.

hey guys added a few more pics. i had a few people ask what the FOX would look like with diffrent legs , so i did three diffrent ones.i als was asked if the silverbacks wepaons were seperate , yes they are . the hands and hand heapons are seperate so you can pose or add what weapons you want.also the hand weapon has changed to a arm weapon , plus i added a sheild if wanted.
lastly i added a Drone walker , the Ripper Drone walker. it can be built either as a single totem weapon system or a double weapon system.conatect me for prices and how to order they are available now. if they sale well i will make more , if not i have lots of space ships.:)more pics to come , painted ones.


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Blogger Unknown said...

Very Nice C!

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Blogger Unknown said...

Had to read the fine print to find out scale :)

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