Sunday, January 08, 2012

New Year New BSG.

Well its a new year which means new models. Ive got tons of new models coming , Cold Navy , BSG , new space stations, new star 1 models and a new 15mm sci fi armor line. So today i am posting a quick look at 5 new BSG models .A new battlestar, a Battletanker, cruiser ,Destoryer and escort.
I have plans on releaseing over 50 models this year,so hang on tight.


Blogger Vicente said...

Hello, my name is Vicente Martinez, and I like a lot your models and you work. Very professional.

I'm very interested on ordering some of them (in special small fighters for a board game) but I can't find how to do it.

Is the ordering done by mail? Do you have any online shop?

I'm also interested on the shipping costs. I live in Madrid (Spain), and is an important isse.

Thank you very much.

Vicente Martinez.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Ravenstar said...

Vicente , hi . i do mail orde ri have both a web site ( which needs updateing big time)
email me at
and i will send you any info you need. thanks

4:52 PM  

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