Thursday, December 18, 2014

And the sale continues 25% off
yes we are continuing the sale for a week at 25% off , plus a free model value at $12 for orders over $15. all you have to do is when you are checking out input  the code EOY2. We continue to add photos and soon art work to be downloaded.
 We would love to see your painted models of out product  and would love to add it to our gallery for others to see and get ideals . Eric our Web administrator is a great arts and has been working on  emblems for each lines and lots of art work to come , let us know what you
Colonial Fleet

hursday the 18th until wed the 24th you will get 25% off. then Thursday the 25th until the 31st , you get 20% off. so if you want space ships or 15mm monsters, or 1/60th scale mechs nows a great time to get them.


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