Wednesday, November 08, 2017

END OF YEAR SALE : up to 40% off.

END OF THE YEAR SALE. up to 40% off plus free models.

HI everyone, we are starting our end of the year sale a little early this year to make sure we get all our Christmas orders out in time for the Holidays.
This is our 3 part sale.
starting 11/8/2017 until  11/18/2017 all orders get 40%off
starting 11/19/2017 until 11/25/2017 all orders get 30% off
starting 11/26/2017 until 12/3/2017 all orders get 25% off
PLUS  with each order you place you will receive free minis . The amount of free minis will depend on how much you purchase. so order 1 mini , you get another one , order a bunch , you get a bunch. the free minis will compliment the type of order you place . you order spaceships , you get ships or stations, landcore , horrids , so vehicles of monsters, ect.
we have a great range of ships, stations , tanks , Horrids , also 1/60th scale mechs in the T.A.M section. Please post every where you can , tell your friends , spread the word. we need the sale , we are looking at doubling  out catalog next year.... thanks everyone .
USE code EOY2017


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