Monday, January 09, 2012

Land Core 15mm Armor models

Yeap I'm back with the Land COre 15mm armor. I added a few peaces , along with options. so there are 10 models with some that have diffrent verations , min-21. the two newest are the Mage Drone/scout grav- vehicles.and the Slasher Drone Walker.Although these were design for the 15mm market ,most of my sales have gone to the 25/28mm market with the Ripper Drones and Silverbacks , they work well with these scales too.
below are pics and prices. if you wish to see more pics or even order just email me and i will take care of you. i will post more info this week. thanks

15mm armor
1. Thunder Foot Mech - mk1$18- MK2 $18 -Mk 3 $22
2. Silverback assult mech $12 comes with , arm weapon, hand weapon, two shoulder weapons and sheild.
3. Stalker walker tank $16 A.
4. Kensky gav tank $15
5. coyote gav jeep 2 for $10 comes with two figures
6. Fox walker tank MK1-Mk2-or Mk3 $16each
7. Blazer Gav APC $8 each
8. Ripper Drone walker $16 comes with 4 sets of weapons(8) and can be built in two diffrent totems.
9.Slasher Drone. $15. 4 weapons sets, Main body, torso 4 legs
10.Mage Grav sled . $8 each
A. Fire Mage Drone scout
B. Black Mage Drone ,laser
C. White Mage Grave heavy scout , two human grave sled
D. Green Mage Advance scout , two human grav sled.


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