Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Newstar 1 fleets.

Hi Guys sales over but i'll leave the pics up.
New Earth Fleet
1.Fearless BB $12 each
2.Montana CV $12 each
3.Lexington Dreadnought $12 each
4.Berlin Explorer $12 each
5.Gorkon HC $12 each
6.Dallas Trop ship 2 for $12
7.Hermes deep space scout 3 for $12

Altair Fleet.
1.Argos fleet carrier $12 each
2.Oceanus space carrier $12 each
3.Titus BB $12 each
4.Talos HC $12 each
5.Vulcan high speed definder $10 each
6.Makus Curiser 2 For $12
7.Icarus DD 3 for $12
NEW STAR 1 .2 release
1.Eldorados Sword assault ship, L-4.25.8 parts $15.00 each
1.5 Wasp class carrier ,L-4.25.8 parts $15.00 each
2. Phoenix class L-3.5".3 parts. $12.00 each
3. Firebolt class L-3.25" $10.00 each
4. Firedrake class . L-2" $8.00 each
5. Thunderbolt class L-2.5" $8.00 each
6. Cheyenne class L-1.75" $8.00 each
7. Hornet class L-1.75" 2 for $10.00
8 . Typhoons Grace L-2.75 $12.00 each
New Star 1
Izumi System Fleet
1.Hotaru class 1.5" L 3for $12
2.Kasumi class1.5"L 2for$12
3.Misaki class 1.7/8"L $8 each
4.Kazumi class 2" L $8 each
5.Youko class 2" L $8 each
6.Akagi class 2.5" L $10 each
7. Soryu Class 3" L $12 each
8.Thunderbolt class 2.5" L $8 each
9.Cheyenne class 1.75" L $8 each
10.Hornet class 1.75" L $2 for $10
1.Hotaru class Patrol ship / Frigate
2.Kasumi class Destoryer escort
3.Misaki class Light crusier
4.Kazumi class Cruiser
5.Youko class Light carrier
6.Akagi class Heavy cruiser
7. Soryu Class Battleship
8.Thunderbolt class Fleet carrier
9.Cheyenne class Strike cruiser
10.Hornet class Destoryer

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stepping in the 15mm War games , Land Core.

Well you know with all the starships , spacestations and other space goodies , you some times have to come back to the solid ground. Ive been looking to get back to ground base models , played around with 1/60th scale , but it just wasn't what i needed, then i discovered 15mm models.with great companies like Rebel minis ,Khurasan minisatures and Critical mass , i got the bug. so i started my upcoming line "Land Core". I will mostly be making tanks, vehicles, landing and troop carriers, and of course Mechs , lots of mechs. This scale alowsme to create much more than i ever could with 1/60th scale. Ive started with a heavy Grav tank, a APC and scout car. Plus a Huge 3 man Mech. In the works i will have a command carrier, jeeps, light tanks and 6 diffrent mechs. the release of will be later in the year , these are just perview pics. later...:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Valkyrie Mk2

The Valkyrie Mk2 is here. I call it the Mk2 because it was not the first valkyrie model to be seen in the show, the first one is a bit blockyer and not as detailed. I like both , but i really like the Mk2 a bit more. more of a sports car feel to it.the model is 3 inches long and fits perfect with the BSG next to her. The cost will be $12 each. for more details and how to get it ,contact me at ravenstarstudios@charter.net .

Friday, July 08, 2011

And its back by request, the Cylon WorldStar. I went ahead and remolded it and here it is. the Worldstar comes with 3 defence satelites and a large scale hex base. I am only doing a shrt run on these so when they are gone they are gone. I will have photos of the Valkyrie Mk2 this next week.
email me if you want one.