Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sci fi models , a few BSG minis and other works

10/17/07 here are two new ships soon to be on my web site,. a bunch more to look forward to.
Chimera C Class a chandely NG style ship.

Chimera B class. a releiant NG style ship .

9/11/07. Well been awhile , been working on a monster of a model , but late at night I put together a few more BSG ships. First the Poseidon Class Super battlestar. with 6 over landing bays , 2 which are for Heavy fighters and bombers. 14 main drive engines , 2.5 jump engines. 3 times the mass of the Mercury class. 2nd is the fast attack curser Panther Class. which carries one flight of light fighters or 3 raptors.with ten turrents and missles, she is a perfect for many roles. 3rd we have the Crow class tender. these tenders are what keep a long battle going ,retrieving damage fighters , resuppling warships , repairing any vessal in need. 4th a quick look at the up coming mounted fighters , vipers and raiders ,which come 3 and 6 fighter mounts. comes 12 per package and 24 per package .later.:)

Poseidon Class

Posiedon Class

Panther Class.

Panther Class

Panther Class.

Panther class .

Crow class Tender.

Vipers and Raiders .

Hey again , I got few new models to update on. 1st three Star trek Wolf 359 ships.
The Springfield , the Challenger and the Freedom Class. The Freedom comes in two verisions, A and B.A being a Oval prime Hull Dish , and the B version is with a round dish. 2nd , some cool BSG minis. first the Cylon Worldstar , whcih comes with 3 weapons satellites and a large HEX base. next are the Raven battlestar and the Cornus Warstar.lastly a preview of some tiny little fighters , still a bit to do , but getting there.if you see some thing here you like please visit my web site ,.www.Ravenstarstudio.com . Peace
WOLF 359 Springfield Class in 1/1400 scale

WOLF 359 Springfield Class .

WOLF 359 Springfield Class bottom.

WOLF 359 Springfield Class in 1/1400 scale

WOLF 359 Challenger Class 1/1400 scale .

WOLF 359 Challenger Class 1/1400 scale.

WOLF 359 Challenger class in 1/1400 scale .

WOLF 359 Freedom Class B verion Oval dish.

WOLF 359 Freedom Class B version with round dish.

WOLF 359 Federation Feedom Class B version

Wolf 359 Federation Freedom Class in 1/1400.

BSG Cylon Worldstar and parts

BSG Raven Battlestar

BSG Cornus Warstar.

Coming very soon , BSG gaming fighters, New and TOS versions of Raiders and Vipers.

Well I'm Dropping in a few pics of models in the works from my bench. some have lots of work still , but some like the Pegasus and Firestar are in Production now.All new models will be uploaded to the web site next week.
Ok now a quick look at the up coming CYLON WORLDSTAR. A monster of a ship with the ablitly to destroy fleets.

Brenik in with some Firestars.

Works for the future , well not to far off.

Some oldes getting some life put into them , things to come later in the year.

A little Firestar getting ready for paint . these come 3 per pack.

Peasus Battlestar ready for battle , well a little paint would help.She has guns along th elanding pods , all around the forward main hull. all the washed out recessed lines have been reworked and detail has been added and or corrected.comes in 4 parts.one of the cool things about this model is the landing pods have giving me 3 new LP designs w to work with for later ships.so watch for more.

Close up comparing the Pegasus to other battlestars.

Close up shot of all the Battlestars , Warstars , strikestars , Firestars , escorts and tankers.

Here the latest BSG mini additions. The Brenik , The Thor , and the Valkyrie. all will be availble at Ravenstarstudios.com .the Brenik mini is 45 mm long. it has 6 turrents , 4 topside, 2 bittomside. it has side landing bays .4 engines
the Thor is 88mm long. has 29 heavy turrents, 3 KK anti ship turrents ,1 Heavy Master KK forward spinal gun.side landing bays , 6 maximus engines . the valyrie is 75mm , 2 side landing bays , 6 starhawk engines 9 heavy turrents.


The Valkyrie Battlestar and battle group

The Valkyrie Battlestar

The Valkyrie battlestar

The Thor Strikestar, as you can see , comparing it to the pics below I have change the enigines completely. they are more inline with the newer engine designs.

The Thor Strikestar

the Brenik DD

This is a old sculpt I did many years ago of a Centrosaurus/Monoclonius. At the time I had contacted Philip Currie in canada and he kindly answered ever question i asked, a good mate.excuse the base , some thing I still don't like. the sculpture is 44 inch long in a full run.hope you like it.1/15/07

Two new minis in the works the NG version of the Nemesis Warstar and the "Brenik" class as yet to be decided. This is my version of the Brenik at this time. if in future the Brenik is shown on the BSG show , then it may be changed. like the Nemesis , it has side landing bays .

Baby Stego for Prehistroric scenes .
Baby Stego , 3 part Base, Tree trunk, log, Rocks and Plant for Prehistroric scenes .

Baby Stego , 3 part Base, Tree trunk, log, Rocks and Plant parts for Prehistroric scenes .

A few pics of the Romulan Q'lex Cruiser.

Battle group .

Here are two new models the Atlas Class , with 42 big turrents .
Atlas class
Atlas class
Atlas class

Atlas class and Armored BSG
Armored BSG , back from the days before she was striped.

1.klingon Ko'Ta Class cruiser and the Federation Tender and Dan'NalJev
5. Klingon Da'Nal Jev Class Cruiser, the Jev is the smaller ship on the top .
6.next 5 pics of the Da'Nal Jev , showing the Jev on and off the Da'nal
11. Aegian Class / Federation
12. Aegian Class
13. Chandely B Class NG style ship
14. Baker C class destoryer
15. Kent Class destoryer
16. O'rally Class showing how you can have engines up or down.

17. Q'Lex Romulan War Destroyer , can also be built as two ships.
18.Aegian Class
19.Aegian Class
20. Chandely B Class, Kent , Baker , O'rally and Q'Lex
22. Q'Lex and parts
23.Klingon RacKar BOP and Romulan Q'Lex
24.Prototypes of SW SSD and Romulan Warbird
26 . RacKar
27. RacKar
28 .RacKar

32.Top or Scorpion and Ronin , plus parts.

33. GSC Saber
34. GSC Katana
35. GSC Katana
36.GSC Broadsword
37. Mars NorthStar
38.GSC Broadsword Cammandand ship
9/2/06. just dropping in a few more pics. The klingon Ko'Ta Class cruiser and the Federation Tender ,( name to come).the ko'Ta is 5.5 inch long , in 4 parts and the TOS tender is 4 inch long and is comes with 6 peaces.
8/20/06 . Ok what worst than fighting a Klingon Warship ......how about Two. This is the klingon Da'Nal Jev Class. klingon develope a fast strike cursier paired with a smaller scout ship. The Da'Nal is used mainly as a assult ship and the Jev as a escourt for the Da'nal. While the Dan'nal takes orbit for bambardmant or troop drops the jev will patrol the area protecting the larger ship. many of a time a enemeny ship will attack a single ship to find it break into 2 ships and finding it to be out gunned. The model is !/2500 scale . it si 5.5 inchslong, inchs wide and comes in 6 parts.the kit will be $35 plus shipping. the kit will be on the web site after the 27th. more to come....
8/14/06 just added the Aegian Class Star ship . its in 1/2500 scale and will be $35. should be up on the web site soon.also a few pic of the Q'lex and the O'Rally. www.Ravenstarstudios.com. more goodies to come.
8/09/06. just uploaded 3 pics ( yes my camera sucks) . A shot of some of the newest models to come , 1/2500 scale Star ships . 4 Federations and one Romulan. I'll post more info soon and more pics , just some thing to look at. They are all ready and molded , I just need to name them and work up a little info. Peace
7/29/06. heres a pic of whats on the Bench . Two of my largest models in the works . Ravenstars 1/1400 scale Romulan D'deridex Warbird and 1/20000 scale SW Super Star Distroyer for a customer, both in soft sculpt foam. The SSD sculpt is for scaling . And the Warbird will be finished out and then covered with putty and detailled. But this gives you an ideal as to the scale next to the Valdore . fun and messy.later

7/24/06. hey there just dropped in a few Photos of the Klingon RacKar bird of Prey. An updated version of the K'Vort and a bit larger. Armed to the teeth , this heavy Tropedo ship is perfect for watching over the Romulan border. The model is 9" long , 8" wide and 2.5" Tall. Soon to be released.
well heres a quick posting and a pic of the minis.not finshed painting , but gives you a look. I just added four ships from my Galactic Star Command line. Broadsward , the Northstar , the Saber and the Katana Class. all are availble at my web site.
I just added a quick look at the USS Scorpion ( the one with th eupper weapons pod and the USS Ronin Class Torpedo ship. The Scorpion was Designed By Jason Abbadon and the conversion to the Ronin , by me.