Thursday, August 25, 2011

New CN Mauridians ships

Well I have made a few new Mauridians ships and here is a perview.I have some good customers over seas and they asked for a few designs , it was a easy change and then i made a few to boot.
Ba'Toda Frigate 3 for $12
BaBada Mk1 3 for $12
Babada Mk2 3 for $12
Narada Heavy destoryer 2 for $12
Na'Vedo Heavy Destoryer 2 for #12
VEN'ESSTAGA missle carrier $15 each
Val’Naveg mk2 $8 each
Gal’Naveg Heavy cruiser $12 each

Monday, August 01, 2011

PEGASUS in the house.

Alright just received the brand new 4 inch version of the Battlestar Pegasus in today. i have posted a few pics in the resin and some with a thin coat of primer on it. I have it sitting next to the BSG and Prometheus battlestars. I will mold these very soon , need to finish off some sculptures first. :)