Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I decided to do some thing a little smaller , you know som ething for Mechs to step on besides those elementals.The Savannah Master hovercraft. Heres the basic design , with Med Laser, Omni 25 Fusion engine , comes with container boxs , sleeping bags and a few extras for detailing. I also will have a version with a twin engine and SRM mounted in the rear. I'll have pics of it and a complete Wolverine tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today I wanted to share the new 1/60th scale unseen Wolverine/Blockhead.THis was always one of my favorite designs in the game .the model comes with both the dougram blockhead Head and a more battletech style head. it has jump jets and of course arms and weapon which are in rubber or i would have the complete model to show. The weapon is a ac5 rifle and comes with three ammo magazines. posable arms , legs and also comes with srm 6 and a lrm 7 tube.both can be posed. 30 parts in all. if your interested , email me at

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hi everyone. Well i thought i would share some thing I rarely show , but will start showing more of in future ,drawings and artwork.I have posted " Tracker" a Tiger dude and a protocertops protecting its nest from a Oviraptor. Both of these were first pencil sketchs and then i did a pen and ink on a clear cell . in my mind i was going to do diffrnet color cells in layers to get bit a depht to them , but never got around to it.( this was before i ever had a computer) so i lan on finally finishing they up this year. ( hopefully) peace

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I uploaded a lod model i forgot about . It is the Romulan Thunderbird , based off the Fasa Wing defender . In the Fasa trek game it was a tough ship to go fight. So i put together Thunderbird .

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New Cold Navy Deisho Shi'Gung'Tao Missle curiser.This was a design i really wanted to put together . the longer engines have a bit more power output with a combo of the missle which dont take the power that the rail and plasma weapons do , its a perfect ship for flying in fast laying a line of tracer missles and moving on to the next target. :)

Now here are a set of 1/60th scale Rail guns for the Loki /Madcat/. Now please note i DON"T MAKE the VULTURE !!!!!:) Just the Rails . a few people saw the vulture that i have been building for ever and ask for a set , so they are availble. also check out the auto cannons below. i do make the Uller you see. ask abut it along with the weapons./

ok Ive worked up some 1/60th scale weapons for our mechs. This is a auto/rotory cannon with three diffrent barrels, a Rotory/Gatlin barrel, Auto cannon barrle , and LBX barrel. the gun can be mounted from the top for mechs like the Uller , from the rear for the Loki/Vulture/Madcat/Thor. the Gun will be called a GEN-Auto 1 , for Roto, GA 2 for LBX GA 3 for Auto cannon. the gun comes with both mounts.