Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ok So for when a Titan A or B is just not enough i persent to you the Titan X a variation on my Titans A&B. the Titan X has 66 turrents,7 ship to ship turrents , 8 ship to ship Kill cannons, rail guns, ship to ship missles , and 10 though landing hangers.yes it is a monster , but I had so many people asking for it , so here it is. the cost is $30 and if interested email me for ordering and more pics.

Land Core 15mm Armor Coyote and Jackel

This morning i am adding two new models for the Land Core armor, the Hard top Coyote and the larger Jackel. These are both Grav vehicles , the Coyote is a grav Jeep and the Jackel is more of a heavy armor Humvee grav.If interested email me at

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bane and Mebd size

Here is a quick shoot showing the size of the Bane Battlestar , Mebd Escort DD compared to the Pegasus and the Brenik FF. if you need more just email me me.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Land Core 15mm Armor models

Yeap I'm back with the Land COre 15mm armor. I added a few peaces , along with options. so there are 10 models with some that have diffrent verations , min-21. the two newest are the Mage Drone/scout grav- vehicles.and the Slasher Drone Walker.Although these were design for the 15mm market ,most of my sales have gone to the 25/28mm market with the Ripper Drones and Silverbacks , they work well with these scales too.
below are pics and prices. if you wish to see more pics or even order just email me and i will take care of you. i will post more info this week. thanks

15mm armor
1. Thunder Foot Mech - mk1$18- MK2 $18 -Mk 3 $22
2. Silverback assult mech $12 comes with , arm weapon, hand weapon, two shoulder weapons and sheild.
3. Stalker walker tank $16 A.
4. Kensky gav tank $15
5. coyote gav jeep 2 for $10 comes with two figures
6. Fox walker tank MK1-Mk2-or Mk3 $16each
7. Blazer Gav APC $8 each
8. Ripper Drone walker $16 comes with 4 sets of weapons(8) and can be built in two diffrent totems.
9.Slasher Drone. $15. 4 weapons sets, Main body, torso 4 legs
10.Mage Grav sled . $8 each
A. Fire Mage Drone scout
B. Black Mage Drone ,laser
C. White Mage Grave heavy scout , two human grave sled
D. Green Mage Advance scout , two human grav sled.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

New Year New BSG.

Well its a new year which means new models. Ive got tons of new models coming , Cold Navy , BSG , new space stations, new star 1 models and a new 15mm sci fi armor line. So today i am posting a quick look at 5 new BSG models .A new battlestar, a Battletanker, cruiser ,Destoryer and escort.
I have plans on releaseing over 50 models this year,so hang on tight.