Monday, April 26, 2010

ok here are some sets for the ship yards.

ok here are the prices , i will post more pics with in a hour at the blogg.i broke down the prices for the sets and coded them and at the bottom is a price and list for the complete set at the sale price , which saves you over $35. just email me for your order.ravenstarstudios@charter.netShip Yards.Codes . SY = Ship Yardsets:$30- SY-XL = 4 large shipSlips,1 Med. Hub, 8 bases$30- SY-XSH= 4 small Ship Slips , 1 HEX hub , 8 bases$30 SY-XLH= 4 large Ship Slips,1 HEX Hub , 8 bases$30 SY-LRD= 1 Repair dock HUB, left and right Docks,Detail Pack, 1small hub , 6 bases$15- SY-DP= detail pack, 4 rader,4 small cranes , 4 med crane , 4 large cranes,4 small ship slips$15-SY FS= 2 feul depots,2 supple warehouses $12- SY SH= 6 small hubs$12 SY MH= 2 Med Hubs$12 SY LHH= 1 large hex hub$12 SY LRDH= 1 large repair dock hub,$150 SYCS= Ship yard complete set.70 parts1 Large Hex hub, 1 Med Hub, 6 small Hubs , 1 set of F&S depots(4 parts),. 2 detail packs( 20 parts) ,4 repair Docks (2 left,2 right) , 1 repair dock hub,4 small ship slips, 4 large ship slips, 25 bases_________________

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I received thses today , i am so happy/

I felt the orginal CN Terran Orion curiser and Mauridian Ventara carrier models were too small for thier class , so i had larger ones grown and they came in today. John Bear ( super cool guy)who created the orginal models helped me out and connected me with , run by John Vegher ( great guy) . He produced a great set SLA models and man oh so fast. Prices are great so if you have any CG models you need grown , this is the man to get you hands on. Check out his site.

Well here is a quick look of the ship yards . these are the basics , large and small hubs , docks, slipways , cranes , radars , fuel depots, supple warehouses , factories, smaller ship docks,.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ok i forgot the Terran Maxwell class light curiser and here are a few better pics of the Mauridian Gan'Talak Battleship.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ok here are some new Cold Navy ships, Terran Knoxs Scout/ ECM ship 3 per pack, Terran Antares destoryer 2 per pack,Terran Seraphim cruiser ,Terran Triumph Battlecarrier ,God's Wrath Battleship ,MauridiansMauridian Ba'Laveth warfigate 3 per pack,Mauridian Na'Vathaga Destoryer 2 per pack,Mauridian Vel'Vedect Cruiser .Mauridian Gan'Talak Battleship .

these are in production now. email me for prices and ordering info.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Here is a quick look are the cylon Terror BB and the Cylon Wardestoryer , both designed to be a bridge between the old show and the Nu show.
also a quick look at the up coming Thunderstar gunship. A Thunder battlestar will be next.