Saturday, July 24, 2010

ok here are label pics of the models that will be discontinued. on th eones on th elist will be discontinued.Hi guys , just wanted to let you know the following models will be discontinued at the end of the month so if you want them , order them now . the models will not be renewed. email me your needs./
Red Spur CBS $16 each
Octo CBS $15 each
Sword CBS $12 each
Black Cross CBS $15 each
Longbow class BS $12 each
Gauntlet Class BS $12 each
Ragnar space station $110
Cylon Dagger frigate 2 for $12
Cylon Ripper 2 for $12
Starweaver battle tender 2 for $10

Monday, July 12, 2010

This week i am showing the Cold Navy Deosho Yao'Jing"Tao Battleship.It is a True monster. the most powerful single Deisho ship to date.Heavy armor , massive weapons and two massive turrent aniti ship weapons. More on those later. Although the Deisho battleships are to date the slowest of all the capt- ships they make up for it in the ship to ship kills. THis is the Last of the capt Deisho ships , next will be fighters ,,they are just as nasty.....

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Big day lots of pics. I am getting ready to paint up these big boys. Ok a few new pics of the Wolverine and Savannah. if you want to see more pics just email me . Now pics with the wolverine with hands and weapons, The model comes with two styles of heads , Dougram and BT style. same with the AC5, both single and twin also comes with the SRM and LRM missles.hope you like it.

More pics of the Wolverine . Detail pics of the Jump jets ,Large Laser, LRMs, small laser and AC5 .

ok more pics of the Savannah master hovercraft mk 1 and mk2. the Mk1 is the basic model , 5 peace hull . the Mk2 is a SRM version 4 parts. this was a lot of fun and a step away from the mechs and spaceships. Wel now back to sculpting the space ships.:)