Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ok its the end of May and i am as normal way behind , but i manage to get a new release ready.
10 new ships, 9 New star 1 ships and one Cold Navy ship. I'll start withe the CN ship. it is a Diesho Frieghter/tender the Katatao class. Ive had lots of people asking for a tender/frieghter so its here. armed with 2 heavy cannons, and definsive guns. 11 heavyly armored bays. it can also be used as a 2nd level carrier , or assult ship.
Next are the New Star 1 ships. the Eldorado assault ship ASE is one of the most powerful ships in the known vers.Built around 3 spinal weapons , it can kill most ships before they can get in range to return fire. The Wasp class carrier CVW is the sister ship class , which is built around two spinal weapons , but replaces the belly weapon with a hugh hanger bay. The ships Phoenix, Firebolt, and Firedrake hale from the 4th planet in the New star1 system. the Thunderbolt ,Cheynne and Hornet , are based off the 3 moon for the 4th planet. the finally the Typhoons Grace is a Pirate ship.Email me if your interested inthese models
1. Eldorados Sword . Assault ship. L-4.25 . 8 parts. $15 each
1.5.Wasp class carrier. L-4.25 . 8 Parts $15 each
2.Phoenix class L-3.5 . 3 parts. $12 each
3. Firebolt class L-3.25 $10 each
4. Firedrake class L-2" $8 each
5.Thunderbolt class L-2.5 $8 each
6.Cheyenne class L-1.75 " $8
7. Hornet class L-1.75 " 2 for $10
8.Typhoons Grace L-2.75" $12
9 CN-Diesho Katatao class frieghter/tender . L-3.5" $12 each. for more pics in ordering information.
Newstar 1 Thunderbolt , Cheyenne and Hornet.
CN Diesho Katatao trender and NS1 Typhoons grace.
Eldorados Sword and the Wasp carrier.