Wednesday, May 23, 2012

some cool models

Some of the models I produce for Galactic star Command , Trek  , TinMen 1st wars, New star 1 and BSG .
if interested in these just email me at
Broadsword class
Sunbear frighter
Repluse Fleet carrier TinMen

Friday, May 18, 2012

T.A.M (Tactical Armored Mechs) Vulcan MK3

Ok I added a few pics of my1/60th scale -28mm scale T.A.M (Tactical Armored Mechs) Vulcan Hammer MK3 mech. 4 versions , Missle , Laser , Auto Cannon , and Grauss weapons systems. they also come with a nice set of diffrent soft target weapons , a RAC , small auto cannon , small lasers and more that are built in to th ebody. how you build is up to you and the mission.painted versions of the Vulcan and Jaguar are in the works. will post soon if interested contact me at

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Spring sale 20% off

Hey every one , Its May and spring is here and time for a sale. . This week i am having 20% off , every thing. BSG , 15mm landcore, Newstar 1, Cold Navy , Tinmen , Mechs and shipyards. the sale is from 5/1/2012 to 5/5/2012. For price lists and information on ordering email me at i will send you photos and all the information you need.
Iron Head

Domoungtao Garmoungtao class carrier 

GSC Katana cruiser

Landcore Slashers
Newstar 1