Tuesday, August 07, 2012

ALL1/60thscale Mechs 20%off plus more if you buy more. BT Masters for sale 8/7-8/10

Ok I am Having a Hugh sale on my larger scale Mechs. 20% off plus more if you buy more.How this works is you get20% off up to 2 mechs, if you purchase 3 you get 25% off , 4 or more 30% off. This is for Both TAM and BT mechs. Thing is after the Sale all BT Mechs will be discontinued , molds destroyed.The TAM line will continue, but the BT mechs Thor , Uller, HunchB 2C, Panther, and Hovercraft.So get them while you can they are gone after this week.
Now if you are interested in Purchasing the masters ,contact me at ravenstarstudios@charter.net time to bring in the big boys and battle.
Hunchback2C and Panther

Thor Prime


Hovercraft srm6

Iornhead /Wolverine