Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cold Navy , ships yards, landcore and more.

Reminder of some of the lines.Cold Navy, Tinmen 1st war, BSG, Newstar 1,Retro line , space stations and ship yards, and LandCore 15mm armor. email me for price lists and info. ravenstarstudios@charter.net

Landcore 15mm .

Ok here are the first castings of the Mazer tank plus options, the Passer APC Grav, and the Stinger parts. email me if you want more info on purchase or more pics. ravenstarstudios@charter.net

A quick look at my little fleet i am building for a up coming game.Going old style witha few L-13 BBs, escorted by Little killers( smaller version of the Fasa minis) some BOPS , and the ever ready Gull wing. They are shearching for a blip that keeps popping up , a New Federation Ranger scout.:)

Saturday, October 06, 2012

WEll I am maddly working on Cold Navy and Tinmen 1st war and there is tons to do. In the mean time , i pulled out a old old model i did back in the 80s ( yes long long ago) the Fasa Designed Klingon L-13 Fatman battleship. It was some thing i forgot about untill a customer asked if i had one. I did it long ago for the old trek game , but it all folded under before it was ready. so I finished it and used it in a number of games. after a while it was boxed and stored untill thid week. So I decided to release it in a limited run for anyone interested. it will sell for $20 each. the model is a 2 peace 3 inch model. In the photos it is nect to a fasa Ktinga D7. I like running it old school with a 3 D18 gull wings. email me if you want 1 . later ravenstarstudios@charter.net