Monday, March 28, 2016

      I lot of people have been asking for a few months what has happen to the BSG line , and I am sorry i could not spill the beans. But i have sold the BSG line to Starfighter shipyards .It has been a great line , but i wanted to place my attention to my Ravenstar lines, Cold Navy, Newstar 1, landcore and Tinmen ( yes Tinmen is different and separate from BSG), retro  and our spacestation line.
Starfighter shipyards is a great company owned by Mel Kraley ( a great person in his own). He has grown is lines with fantastic models and has the best customers service.
I wish to thank everyone who have purchased our BSG models and hope you come back for my other models. contact info is below.

Please come back , we are adding to our lines over the next few months and coming out with more new product......Thanks every one....