Monday, June 25, 2012

Land Core . Horizon Transport for sale , plus other goodies

Land Core . Horizon Transport. Ok here is the Horizon Transport , Its price $25 . But if you purchase it between 6/25 to 6/29th , you can choose any 1 model from the landcore and get it free ( this does not include Horizon ). So buy a Horizon and get a silverback for free, or Stalker drone, ect. pretty good deal. if interested , email me at

free models to choose from. 1. Thunder Foot Mech - mk1$18- MK2 $18 -Mk 3 $22 2. Silverback assult mech $12 comes with , arm weapon, hand weapon, two shoulder weapons and sheild. 3. Stalker walker tank $16 A.(artillery) , or M ( Missle) 4. Kensky gav tank $15 5. convertable coyote gav jeep 2 for $10 comes with two figures 6. Fox walker tank MK1-Mk2-or Mk3 $16each 7. Blazer Gav APC $8 each 8. Ripper Drone walker $16 comes with 4 sets of weapons(8) and can be built in two diffrent totems. 9.Slasher Drone. $15. 4 weapons sets, Main body, torso 4 legs 10.Mage Grav sled . $8 each A. Fire Mage Drone scout B. Black Mage Drone ,laser C. White Mage Grave heavy scout , two human grave sled D. Green Mage Advance scout , two human grav sled. 11.Jackel -Muiltipurpose armored GV $6 each 12. Congo grav pick up ( with SRM and claw arm) $8 each 13 . Hard top Coyote 2 for $10.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The New Dropship Horizon

Hey guys a quick look at the up coming Horizon Dropship.The design was based on a Westland Wessex roughly. It will come with two diffrent sizes of cockpit housings. 1 short 1 long, i could not make up my mind on which i liked. this it the first of 5 drop ships coming soon. Designed for 15mm games , but it can be used for a 5 man team in 28mm games. let me know what you think.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Landcore, GSC, Mechs , and more

 Cold Navy, Newstar 1 , 15mm Landcore, BSG and TinMen lines. Also the larger 1/60th scale TAM mechs , Trek lines and Galactic star Command ships good for the sale to. If you dont have my price lists or need pics just contact me at
Added a pic showing the diffrent size figs 30mm,28mm 25mm and 15mm next to some of the landcore model per request. A lot of people are useing these in thier 28mm games it seems.

Uller mech

TinMen 1st war

CN Go'Jing'Tao War Cruiser

LandCore Silverback Mech

BSG Ship yards

BSG TinMen 2nd war